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To get over an injury, get ready for taking up a sport again, or improving your sports performance, your treatment plan would not be complete without adequate, sophisticated equipment.


Practising physiotherapy without using machines is a little like climbing Mont Blanc in Converses: doable but not ideal! At the Kiné Kléber Physiotherapy Clinic “doable” is not part of our vocab.


When it comes to choosing the machines you will be using, we focus on quality for the most comfortable use and effective results.

Material means to succeed

Where machines rhyme with individual performance

If you want to give yourself the means to recuperate then we will give you the material means to succeed, together with our support and expertise, by providing you with high-tech, results-proven machines.


And because we want to help all our patients see their projects through to the end – whatever their project may be – we have conditioning and physiotherapy equipment and so much more.


Ever heard of Kineo, Tecar or Kinesis? Let us explain…


Our conditioning equipment

Autres machines
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Free weights and their high-energy expenditure power

Basic everyday movements (squats, raising an object above your head, body twists and bends, etc.) to use your stabilising muscles and work your entire body.

Leg Press, the must-have for a lower-muscle work out

This machine can be used by all and offers a large weight range of up to 200kg and several seat positions for increased hip opening. We put safety first, and our machines reflect this.

Winshock, thermal shock for effective pain relief

This technology alternates cryotherapy and hyperthermia treatment, between 15°C and 45°C, for maximum repair on inflammation, oedema, and tensed muscles.

Dry needling, safe treatment to release muscle tension

This approach targets pain trigger points and is often used on professional athletes. Each needle reduces inflammation, improves blood flow and brings long-lasting relief from stiffness.

Iso-inertiel, an acceleration pulley for safe, energetic movements

This is your muscle build up partner for rehabilitation or re-athletisation: during the entire movement, your muscles are constantly tensed which improves your performance and reduces the risk of injury.

Huber® Motion Lab, a genuine human movement lab

A must for strengthening deep and superficial muscles, get your joints moving, change your body make up, correct your posture and improve your coordination and balance.

activ5, powerful pocket-sized training sessions

This intelligent machine is connected to an app to provide hundreds of fun and customised training sessions and fitness exercises for your entire body.

Kineo, to build up the lower limbs

This innovative machine is renowned for being able to assess your muscular strength: strength deficit between your limbs, maximum eccentric strength, etc., for full muscle rehabilitation.

Shock wave therapy for pain relief and improved healing

A handset is used to apply repeated energy pulses to the affected area to improve circulation and re-build bone-ligament joints.

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