Fitness test

The key to successful rehabilitation is taking the time to get to know you

The first step in offering high-quality service inevitably starts with a solid grasp of your expectations, which we know are high. A fitness test is the first step whatever your project – rehabilitation after an injury, preparing for a sports challenge, going back to sport, or assessing your physical abilities.


Right from the first appointment, your assigned physio will carry out a fitness test with you to establish your needs, goals and limitations. Your physio will therefore become your guide and coach throughout your treatment and conditioning.

Ready, set… Fitness test!

At the Kléber Physiotherapy Clinic it all starts with a fitness test.
We pay particular attention to this first step because it determines how your rehabilitation project will go. The fitness test is an initial one-hour, 6-step, assessment. The test is a vital part of your rehabilitation plan because it encourages discussion between you and your physio, your needs to be studied and the best solution to be provided.




We always start with: “How can I help you?” We want you to be able to talk about your needs right from the start. Once your needs have been identified, your physio will introduce him/herself and the Clinic.


This first meeting is where we get to grips with your needs before moving on to the next step. And for you, it’s an introduction to the Clinic, our ethos and positive vibes. We’re sure you’ll feel instantly comfortable!





An initial conversation, a very important part of the fitness test, allows us to gain further information about your needs, especially “Describe the mobility that you have lost and wish to regain”.


We listen attentively as you describe your discomfort, your goals and how you feel about this new adventure.


You will be able to speak freely about your concerns because we will listen to you with complete kindness.



Your treatment plan


Once you have explained what brings you to the Clinic, we review what you have said. This is to ensure that we have fully understood your situation and what it means to you.


Once this has been made clear, your physio gives you practical information about how your rehabilitation will be carried out: his/her qualifications; Doctolib appointments; the importance of individual sessions; the “therapy team” concept; prices, etc.


In a nutshell, this is the part where you will be given all the details you need to ensure your rehabilitation is smooth.



In-depth questionnaire


We allow ourselves a smidgen of curiosity when it comes to helping you. We delve deeper into your case to better understand your symptoms, your experience, environment, restrictions and lifestyle and carry out a physical examination (physical and body tests).


All this information will reveal itself to be necessary in how we plan your healing programme and how you meet your goals to regain comfort.



Work hypotheses


This is the part where we answer your questions, especially:
What” is hurting or bothering you?
Why” are you experiencing this?
How” will you heal and how can you optimise the healing phases?
And “how long” because we all want you to get better as quickly as possible!



Patient consent


At the end of the fitness test, we ensure you have fully understood the treatment plan and we agree to the contract together.


It is important that you are onboard with the project because it primarily concerns you, with our back up, of course.


Then, if everything is clear for you, it’s time to begin your treatment plan!

Your treatment plan

Following the fitness test, a treatment plan and a personalised follow-up will be established with your appointed physiotherapist. In order to reach your goal efficiently, your treatment plan may combine several complementary expertises practiced in the office: physiotherapy, osteopathy and physical preparation.


Whether it is to relieve, heal or prevent, our high standards, expertise and state of the art equipment allow us to offer you the highest quality of physiotherapy care, worthy of the care that athletes receive, and able to help you achieve your sporting and personal goals.


Often complementary to physiotherapy, but not exclusively, osteopathy makes sense when you feel a functional problem, i.e. discomfort, stiffness, pain or a deterioration of a body function, or to carry out a check-up.


From physiotherapy to pilates, crossfit to yoga, our training is designed to develop your resources to help you achieve your goals and give you the freedom to live the way you want.

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